Rose Vanden Eynden

In other people's words

Rose Vanden Eynden

In other people's words

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“I met Rose at a mediumship seminar she was doing and was just amazed at how she was able to reach out and help connect loved ones across the two planes. The people in the audience were giving her very positive feedback and acknowledgment of what she was telling them. When Rose decided to offer a mediumship class for beginners, I just “knew” I needed to take it. She is an excellent teacher, and because of her, I’ve learned who my spirit guides are and how to use them to give messages to others. I admit to being slightly skeptical at first, but the results I had from the class were phenomenal, and I am now working on building a lifelong friendship with my guides.”
Liss D., Indiana

To say my life has changed in a very positive way since being instructed by Rose Vanden Eynden is an understatement. I have taken several classes she has taught and obtained my certification in mediumship through her program. She has a gift of both teaching and connecting with Spirit. Looking back, the two things that stand out the most for me as a medium are the respect and gratitude that I have for those in the Spirit world. I learned that and so much more from Rose. I am proud to tell people that I studied under her and consider her one of my mentors.

Katy Campolongo, Psychic and certified medium Soulistic Sojourn L.L.C.


I have had to privilege to take several classes and workshops taught by Rose.  Her knowledge of intuition and mediumship combined with her ability to teach this information in an easy to understand format is without compare.  Thanks to the gentile guidance of Rose’s teaching, I now work full time as a successful medium both domestically and internationally.  I am truly blessed to be able to call Rose a mentor and my teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to learn more about the world of Spirit.

Eric Layman, Infinite Expressions LLC


Rose is an excellent teacher.  I have attended many of Rose’s classes, circles, and events and always left with a new technique or insight that has made me a better reader. Hearing of her years of real life experiences make her fun to be with as well.

Diane Sears, certified medium, Divinely Connected

The most important thing that Rose helped me with was giving me affirmation from my father after his death, which was so disheartening to me. Rose took the pain away (mostly) and gave me the affirmation that he is still very much a part of my life. You have no idea how much that has helped me. My heart was so lost and hurt, he wasn’t my father but my best friend too. I thought I had lost him with death, and Rose’s messages reaffirmed just how much a part of my life he still is when I thought I had completely lost him. Words cannot thank her enough.

Ida Lee W., Ohio

I’ve had several readings with Rose, and one in particular had extra special meaning to me. It was shortly after my father died and she told me things that only he and I could have known! Rose is always compassionate with her readings, and she has helped me tremendously.

Ginny M., Ohio

Rose is a dynamic individual I had the fortune to meet several years ago when she taught a Tarot class. She is…an excellent teacher of various topics: Mediumship, Tarot, and Candle Ceremony, to mention a few. She brings life to the topics she teaches, making learning easy, interesting and pleasurable. Her support as I progress along the spiritual path is invaluable.

Diane H., Kentucky

Rose's readings are characterized by evidential messages as well as caring and thoughtful guidance from Spirit. Rose is grateful for the opportunity to serve Spirit and humanity in this way.