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Rates for readings
are as follows:

Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings
30 minutes--$80.00
45 minutes--$120.00
60 minutes--$150.00

30-Minute In-Person,
Telephone or Skype Reading*

45-Minute In-Person,
Telephone or Skype Reading*

60-Minute In-Person,
Telephone or Skype Reading*

Clairvoyant E-Mail Readings--$80.00

E-Mail Forecast Readings
3-Month Forecast:--$60
6-Month Forecast:--$80

E-Mail Tarot Readings
1 question--$35.00
2 questions--$65.00
3 questions--$95.00

Please see descriptions of all reading services at right.

*All long distance charges are the client's responsibility.

Rose's readings are characterized by evidential messages as well as caring and thoughtful guidance from Spirit. Rose is grateful for the opportunity to serve Spirit and humanity in this way.

"I've had several readings with Rose, and one in particular had extra special meaning to me. It was shortly after my father died and she told me things that only he and I could have known! Rose is always compassionate with her readings, and she has helped me tremendously."
Ginny M., Ohio

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Rose responds as quickly as she can to all correspondence. For general questions
please e-mail her at:

Rose Vanden Eynden
Light Journey Enterprises
10901 Reed Hartman Hwy
Suite 101
Blue Ash, OH 45242


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Get in touch with your path through a reading with Rose

What is a Clairvoyant Medium?

A medium is someone who is sensitive to the vibrations of the spirit world and can communicate with entities there to relay messages to those in the physical world. Clairvoyance, or "clear seeing", refers to the way that a medium receives impressions from those in Spirit.

Available Services and Policies

Private, individual readings are available by appointment only. Appointments are available Wednesday through Saturday. Most readings are scheduled in advance as Rose's schedule fills up quickly. Every consideration will be made to schedule a convenient reading for you; Rose asks the same courtesies in return. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please call, text, or email at least several hours in advance to cancel. If an appointment is missed without cancellation, fees will not be refunded. Please do not bring friends or children to your appointment unless these arrangements are made in advance. Recording is allowed, but recording devices must be provided and maintained by the sitter. Rose takes no responsibility for the quality of the recording. Please be on time. For all appointments, Rose waits 10 minutes for late arrivals/calls and then moves on with her day. Scheduling does not allow extra time for late arrivals. Do not expect a reading to last any longer than its allotted time.

Rose delivering Spirit messages at a gallery event. If you look closely, you can see the spirit speaking to her as an orb to the right of Rose's head!
"The most important thing that Rose helped me with was giving me affirmation from my father after his death, which was so disheartening to me. Rose took the pain away (mostly) and gave me the affirmation that he is still very much a part of my life. You have no idea how much that has helped me. My heart was so lost and hurt, he wasn't my father but my best friend too. I thought I had lost him with death, and Rose's messages reaffirmed just how much a part of my life he still is when I thought I had completely lost him. Words cannot thank her enough." Ida Lee W., Ohio

Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings - These readings are meant to connect the sitter with Spirit loved ones and teachers. Spirit may also offer guidance concerning certain issues, and the sitter may ask questions regarding life concerns. Occasionally, Tarot or another oracle deck may be accessed to further clarify or enhance messages for the sitter. $80 for 30 minutes, $120 for 45 minutes, or $150 for 60 minutes.

Reading Length

Telephone and Skype Readings - Long-distance readings are also available. Only one client may be read at a time. Fees must be paid through secure PayPal in advance. Only 30 minute ($80), 45 minute ($120), or 1 hour ($150) sessions will be booked. Once payment has been verified, a time will be set up for a telephone reading (all telephone costs must be incurred by the sitter) or a Skype session. Prices and length of session apply as stated above.

Telephone Reading Length

Skype Reading Length

Clairvoyant E-Mail Readings - Readings can also be done via e-mail. This is a general overview reading of many aspects of life, including messages from the spirit world. This reading is not interactive and will be done within one week of receipt of payment ($80) for this service. Payment must be made through PayPal in advance. A valid e-mail address must be provided in order to send the reading transcript to the client.

E-Mail Forecast Readings -- Using the ancient art of Tarot and the metaphysical science of numerology along with her own psychic abilities, Rose will look into your future to predict what may lie ahead. Rose brings a wealth of experience to this reading and offers compassionate and wise advice garnered from the cards and her connection to Spirit. Please always remember that you have the power to change your future! THIS READING IS AVAILABLE ONLY VIA EMAIL. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR DATE OF BIRTH (Month, Day, and Year) and a specific question you wish to have answered if applicable (mail to when ordering.

Forecast Type

E-Mail Tarot Readings -- Rose can address specific questions using Tarot to bring insights and clarity. Please always remember that you have the power to change your future! THESE READINGS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY VIA EMAIL. PLEASE include ONE ($35), TWO ($65), or THREE ($95) specific question(s) you wish to have answered (mail to when ordering.

Number of questions

Tarot Question Tips:

  1. Ask specific questions to get specific answers. Example: "I am considering a job at ABC Company. What can I expect from this job?"
  2. Don't try to incorporate several issues into one question. It will muddle the clarity of the answer.
  3. Open-ended questions can be very helpful in revealing challenges, benefits, etc. Example: "What do I need to know about my relationship with Joe?"

PLEASE NOTE: Rose performs Tarot e-mail readings twice per week, depending on workload. If you order on a weekend, your reading will be done the following week.
Rose tries to process all readings within 72 hours. Follow-up questions will not be answered. For more in-depth readings, consider an in-person, telephone, or Skype session.

Rose greets readers at a book signing event

"After my young sister lost her long battle with cancer, I was angry, exhausted, and desperate to find an answer about death. I'd lost faith years ago and wasn't looking for that to return, but wanted to find my sister again. I wanted the big "why" question answered. Rose was the only person who gave me my answer, plus some. She answered honestly without any fluff. She wasn't trying to just heal a very broken heart. Rose truly helped me move forward. I can't say enough about Rose's kindness, gentleness and understanding of someone who is consumed with hurt and anger. She brought my sister back to me, and I can't thank her enough. But in doing that, she also brought my Spirituality back, and I'm so very grateful for that, too. Thank you, Rose, for everything, and especially for your love and insight into this one person's life." Mare T., Ohio

Hints for a Good Mediumship Reading:

Try to relax before you seek a medium's help. This creates a better atmosphere for the reading and makes it easier for Spirit to make contact. Meditate before the reading to ask certain spirits to attend, and to try to receive answers to questions you have.

No medium can promise that certain spirits will come through in a sitting.

Spirit provides evidence of identity in many ways: by names, descriptions, incidents, relationships, or anything that might be meaningful to the sitter. Let the medium know when she is correct. Giving any other information to the medium besides your name is unnecessary. Allow the information to come through from Spirit.

Something may make more sense by the end of the reading, or the understanding of the message may come at a later time. Don't be too quick to dismiss something that comes through.

The true success of a reading is not always measured by prophecy but by the guidance it provides. Prediction is possible, but you have the power to change coming events. Mediumship is not fortune telling. Please do not approach a reading with a "test the medium" attitude. Understand that Spirit comes through in a sitting, first and foremost, to give assurances and love to those left behind in the physical world. It is not Spirit's function to make decisions for you about career, love, and related matters, but to inspire, guide, and affirm the reality of life after death. Only you are responsible for your life and the choices that you make.

The medium realizes when the spirits are gone. Don't try to prolong the reading. You are always welcome to come again, but unless circumstances in your life change drastically, Rose recommends a reading no more often than three times a year.

"In my reading, Rose immediately picked up on my concern of infertility, without me even asking any questions, and assured me that I was not infertile, but that there was a medical reason and also it was related to timing in my life. She said 4-6 months I'd be pregnant and although she didn't normally like to predict the sex, she was compelled to tell me it was a boy. Rose was dead-on. I had surgery 2 months after my reading on my uterus, and 2 months later was pregnant. Carson Patrick was born March 11, 2009. Also, the connections made with family members that have crossed over, even those I never met, has made a profound impact on my life. It has given me a sense of belonging, being, and contentment I could have never expected. I now walk around with that feeling of "they've got my back," and it's a feeling so extraordinary I cannot even put it into words." Heather D., Washington